Swoop Rebels

Session 0


Violet or "Tails" as she's known within Red Anarchy went to a popular cantina looking for a mark to get intel about the Imperials and found one in the name of Lieutenant Merrik, a young and handsome Imperial officer who was enjoying a drink at the bar.  Violet quickly caught his attention without looking like she was trying to and they struck up a conversation.  After some flirtation, they left the bar together, and Merrik took Violet on a speeder bike ride using his position to procure an impounded vehicle.  Violet had introduced herself as "Valerie" and had told him that she's a swoop model and loves to ride.  After the ride, they eventually went back to Merrik's place and Violet gave him the best sex of his life.  She was pleasantly surprised that Merrik was pretty good in bed, too.  It was obvious that Merrik not only lusted after her, but was smitten as well.  She leveraged her appeal into "pillow talk" and learned that there is a large Imperial stormtrooper base being built on the jungle continent of Hemon for reasons unknown.  Violet plans on maintaining her relationship with Lt. Merrik to use him as a long-term source of intelligence.  She returned to base to provide her information to Skip.

Meanwhile, Null entered a Mobquet factory as part of a tour and snuck off from the group.  When discovered, he showed false credentials and pretended to be an Imperial Intelligence officer.  He had a meeting with the Senior Engineer of the factory under the pretense that II (Imperial Intelligence) was interested in commissioning a prototype speeder that had built-in surveillance measures so that all of the vehicles could be tracked and spyed on.  The senior engineer said that the risk and cost were far too great and it was unable to be done for the foreseeable future.  Null did find out through the course of their conversation that an Imperial agent had already approached them about a similar proposition in the past.  He headed back to base and asked Rekon to hack Mobquet's systems.  Rekon was exposed in the process, revealing the source of the hack, but did manage to obtain a schematic for a new speeder prototype.



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