Swoop Rebels

Session 3


Skip and Breaker were treated by Chandrain, an Ithorian veterinarian at "the farm".  Null continued healing in the bacta tank in the hospital and an ISB agent whom simply identified himself as "Kreuger" showed up and told Tails that he was looking for Null, referring to him as "Alksander".  Local security forces finally showed up and investigated the "break-in" at the clubhouse.  They performed a thorough search, making a giant mess and breaking many things in the process.  They had an IT specialist plug into the network and perform a thorough diagnostic, scan, etc.  After they left, Rekon discovered a keylogger on the system, which Skip ordered him to keep in place for counter-intelligence purposes.  Later, Max arrived at the clubhouse and had a meeting with Red Anarchy. (sans Null who was still finishing healing)  After Max was brought up to speed, all of the RA members threw a huge party celebrating their successful raid against the convoy.  Tails made it a point to make sure Breaker had a good time, encouraging much drinking and dancing.  The next morning, the PC's went to the hospital and saw Null finally regain consciousness.  They met with agent Kreuger who revealed that he's aware that R.A. hit the convoy and agrees to let them go on the condition that they return the crystals, the AT-ST, and become "Imperial contractors".  Not having much choice, the group agrees to this, but silently consider their options as there is a line many won't cross when it comes to working for/with the Empire. . .



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