Swoop Rebels

Session 4


Red Anarchy is reeling in the aftermath of being blackmailed by an ISB & II joint task force.  Skip met with Max in private and disclosed the precarious situation they find themselves in.  Max orders R.A. to "go dark" unless & until R.A. can free themselves from their current Imperial entanglement.  R.A. met with their Imperial handlers and were given the task of slipping the M.I.F. a crate with a tracking device while selling them the goods recovered from the convoy.  The party tried to meet with M.I.F. but after pointing out a tail, the M.I.F. was spooked and canceled the meet.  Null confirmed with Agent Kreuger that the tail was one of his to ensure that the job was done properly.  Members of R.A. met with Oxbel, a Devonian contact of Null's to sell the truck and construction materials recovered from the convoy and got 15,000 credits from the sale.  R.A. held "church" to decide on how to handle the M.I.F. deal and plan their next moves.



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