Red Anarchy


Formally a gang of Separatist Sympathizers before the Clone Wars, have sense become even more distasteful of government.


After the war, saw an influx of former clone troopers come to Mimban due to the adrenaline high of swoop racing. Not one to let an opportunity pass by, Bloody Anarchist and one of the Original Seven Nem "Quick Strike" Seran approached Clone Troopers, CT-2355 "Max" and CT-2335 "Rugby" about joining the group. Since they had been removed from the Grand Army like most clones following the formation of the Empire, they agreed under one condition, "That all clones and other veterans of the War be welcome as well." This deal brought about a fundamental change in the organization as more and more vets and clones joined the group. It became more disciplined and organized, being able to hold on to more territory and expanding its interests. Since the fateful deal with Max and Rugby, Red Anarchy has become one of the top three most prominent gangs on Mimban.



Red Anarchy

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