Swoop Rebels

8/20/17 Session
Seperate Ways

After an officers' meeting, the rest of the group was brought into a briefing and informed of priority missions for the MLF.  The party had decided to start by supporting Tails in her effort to turn Lt. Jeffrey Merrick into an informant to the MLF as they had discovered his personal journal detailing his reluctance, revulsion, and ultimately irreconcilable differences with the direction the Empire was heading.  Kiorr provided recon and security at the bar where Tails and Lt. Merrick met and Doc acted as "Thaddeus" her driver and security guard. The rest of the team were on the shared comm channel, too.  After some drinks, Merrick expressed curiosity and concern about where their relationship was going and Tails promised to have that conversation later back at his place.  After going back to Merrick's apartment, nightcaps were had and then Tails pulled all out the stops to give him the best sex of his life.  Afterwards, when he was at his most relaxed, Tails revealed herself as working for the MLF and confessed to having read his journals and how their original meeting was indeed by her design to ultimately get information about the Empire.  The heated conversation that followed found Merrick agreeing to inform for the MLF but under the condition that Tails was no longer her contact and didn't want to see her again.  She left the apartment sad, guilty, but also successful.  After regrouping with her allies, they planned and scouted for their next mission; an ambush on an Imperial convoy. This one is supposed to be less unique than the one that was carrying kyber crystals but only time well tell for sure as our heroes hide in the trees, grass, brush, etc. and await their target.

8/13/17 Session
Epsilon Base

The party talked to Max and Oxbell about ranks, uniforms, assignments and other MLF info after confirming that everyone agreed to join the MLF. (even R3-K0N's disembodied head)  There was a speeder ride and shuttle ride that took several hours to get to Epsilon base.  The party picked up their speeders along the way, but other items left with the speeders had been looted.  Epsilon base turned out to be hidden deep within caverns behind a waterfall.  After landing, Oxbell provided a short "tour" and pointed out some of the notable figures that operate out of the base such as mechanics, quartermasters, doctors, etc.  Tails helped with some secretrial work and learned a couple of pieces of gossip along the way.  Kior served as a shooting instructor at the range.  Skip pulled KP and peeled an epic amount of potatoes.  Breaker helped with manual labor.  Boom assisted the engineer/mechanic with his shop.  Doc returned to the medical tent and got caught up on his medical duties.  The party has settled into Epsilon base and are ready for their next adventure/assignment.

8/6/17 Session
Debriefing and Recruitment

After fleeing the area and finding a makeshift shelter in which to hide, the Imperial facility exploded in spectacular fashion off in the distance.  A lambda shuttle was scene flying away at top speed.  The incident appears to be a result of Kyber crystal instability due to the sheer size and scope of the explosion.  Although the group was not present to know for sure whether it was an accident, sabotage, or some other cause.  Things were chaotic after the botched reconnaissance mission and Skip was in dire need of medical treatment. Tails helped Doc find and procure the proper medical supplies needed to treat him properly.  Although successful, the operation was ultimately a temporary fix and Skip will need to be treated properly within the year or his complication could prove fatal.  It was revealed that Null died trying to kill Kruger after being pushed too far during his mysterious meeting with the Imperial spook.  Tails took it pretty hard and was uncharacteristically distant and quiet.  After the party had regrouped, rested, and had Doc treat people as best he could, they were contacted by Oxbell.  The party were taken to a secure MLF location and interviewed/interrogated/debriefed.  Kiorr, (the Mandalorian MLF sniper recently assigned to support the group) and Doc gave their reports and were asked for their personal assessments and opinions of the group.  They both agreed the group had potential and were willing to continue working with them despite the current challenging circumstances.  They cited resourcefulness, loyalty, and chemistry between the group as positive attributes.  After Skip, Tails, Boom, and Breaker were separately questioned they were allowed to get some R&R at the mess hall.  The group talked amongst themselves and pondered what the future had in store for them.  Doc produced some liquor from his flask and the group shared a toast to Null's memory.  Immediately afterwards, they heard a familiar voice from behind them, the person that vouched for them with the MLF.  It was Max, the Red Anarchist himself!    

Session 4

Red Anarchy is reeling in the aftermath of being blackmailed by an ISB & II joint task force.  Skip met with Max in private and disclosed the precarious situation they find themselves in.  Max orders R.A. to "go dark" unless & until R.A. can free themselves from their current Imperial entanglement.  R.A. met with their Imperial handlers and were given the task of slipping the M.I.F. a crate with a tracking device while selling them the goods recovered from the convoy.  The party tried to meet with M.I.F. but after pointing out a tail, the M.I.F. was spooked and canceled the meet.  Null confirmed with Agent Kreuger that the tail was one of his to ensure that the job was done properly.  Members of R.A. met with Oxbel, a Devonian contact of Null's to sell the truck and construction materials recovered from the convoy and got 15,000 credits from the sale.  R.A. held "church" to decide on how to handle the M.I.F. deal and plan their next moves.

Session 3

Skip and Breaker were treated by Chandrain, an Ithorian veterinarian at "the farm".  Null continued healing in the bacta tank in the hospital and an ISB agent whom simply identified himself as "Kreuger" showed up and told Tails that he was looking for Null, referring to him as "Alksander".  Local security forces finally showed up and investigated the "break-in" at the clubhouse.  They performed a thorough search, making a giant mess and breaking many things in the process.  They had an IT specialist plug into the network and perform a thorough diagnostic, scan, etc.  After they left, Rekon discovered a keylogger on the system, which Skip ordered him to keep in place for counter-intelligence purposes.  Later, Max arrived at the clubhouse and had a meeting with Red Anarchy. (sans Null who was still finishing healing)  After Max was brought up to speed, all of the RA members threw a huge party celebrating their successful raid against the convoy.  Tails made it a point to make sure Breaker had a good time, encouraging much drinking and dancing.  The next morning, the PC's went to the hospital and saw Null finally regain consciousness.  They met with agent Kreuger who revealed that he's aware that R.A. hit the convoy and agrees to let them go on the condition that they return the crystals, the AT-ST, and become "Imperial contractors".  Not having much choice, the group agrees to this, but silently consider their options as there is a line many won't cross when it comes to working for/with the Empire. . .

Sessions 1 & 2
3/26/17 & 4/2/17

After Rekon and Null reported to Skip about Null's findings and Rekon's hacking, Skip had the club stage a break in/hack.  Rekon and Boom damaged the junction box and Tails placed a call to local security to report the incident.  Tails had Rekon take some holo-shots of her in a bikini on a swoop to help solidify her cover as a swoop model.  It also provided some fodder for Lt. Merrik to drool over for when "Valerie" was unavailable.  Later, the club was tipped off about an Imperial convoy heading from Sameria to the coast and everyone met up as Skip conducted the mission briefing.  A plan was hatched and the two club prospects were brought along to help on the job and prove their worth.

Everyone arrived at the ambush point in the narrow canyon and began the preperations.  The perimeter was secured, mines were placed throughout the path, and everyone took up their positions.  The convoy was much more protected than anticipated; it was accompanied by an AT-ST and 2 squads of stormtroopers were inside the main truck!  A brutal, bloody, and ugly battle followed but Red Anarchy was ultimately victorious.  In the process, Null was knocked out and severely wounded.  Breaker and Skip also sustained injuries but managed to stay conscious.  Towards the end of the battle and in the aftermath, Rekon had discovered caged slave labor (20 various aliens being used as miners), 2 mysterious crystals in a special cargo container, and large amounts of food, blaster rifles, blaster pistols, energy packs, and other minor supplies.  Boom managed to repair the AT-ST that he'd disabled earlier with one of his ion mines.  Boom and Rekon got the supply truck up and running again and the club stashed all the goods in a warehouse.  RA took some time to lick their wounds and find buyers for their goods from the operation.  Null is spending some quality time in a bacta tank to get back into fighting shape.

Session 0

Violet or "Tails" as she's known within Red Anarchy went to a popular cantina looking for a mark to get intel about the Imperials and found one in the name of Lieutenant Merrik, a young and handsome Imperial officer who was enjoying a drink at the bar.  Violet quickly caught his attention without looking like she was trying to and they struck up a conversation.  After some flirtation, they left the bar together, and Merrik took Violet on a speeder bike ride using his position to procure an impounded vehicle.  Violet had introduced herself as "Valerie" and had told him that she's a swoop model and loves to ride.  After the ride, they eventually went back to Merrik's place and Violet gave him the best sex of his life.  She was pleasantly surprised that Merrik was pretty good in bed, too.  It was obvious that Merrik not only lusted after her, but was smitten as well.  She leveraged her appeal into "pillow talk" and learned that there is a large Imperial stormtrooper base being built on the jungle continent of Hemon for reasons unknown.  Violet plans on maintaining her relationship with Lt. Merrik to use him as a long-term source of intelligence.  She returned to base to provide her information to Skip.

Meanwhile, Null entered a Mobquet factory as part of a tour and snuck off from the group.  When discovered, he showed false credentials and pretended to be an Imperial Intelligence officer.  He had a meeting with the Senior Engineer of the factory under the pretense that II (Imperial Intelligence) was interested in commissioning a prototype speeder that had built-in surveillance measures so that all of the vehicles could be tracked and spyed on.  The senior engineer said that the risk and cost were far too great and it was unable to be done for the foreseeable future.  Null did find out through the course of their conversation that an Imperial agent had already approached them about a similar proposition in the past.  He headed back to base and asked Rekon to hack Mobquet's systems.  Rekon was exposed in the process, revealing the source of the hack, but did manage to obtain a schematic for a new speeder prototype.

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