Swoop Rebels

Sessions 1 & 2

3/26/17 & 4/2/17

After Rekon and Null reported to Skip about Null's findings and Rekon's hacking, Skip had the club stage a break in/hack.  Rekon and Boom damaged the junction box and Tails placed a call to local security to report the incident.  Tails had Rekon take some holo-shots of her in a bikini on a swoop to help solidify her cover as a swoop model.  It also provided some fodder for Lt. Merrik to drool over for when "Valerie" was unavailable.  Later, the club was tipped off about an Imperial convoy heading from Sameria to the coast and everyone met up as Skip conducted the mission briefing.  A plan was hatched and the two club prospects were brought along to help on the job and prove their worth.

Everyone arrived at the ambush point in the narrow canyon and began the preperations.  The perimeter was secured, mines were placed throughout the path, and everyone took up their positions.  The convoy was much more protected than anticipated; it was accompanied by an AT-ST and 2 squads of stormtroopers were inside the main truck!  A brutal, bloody, and ugly battle followed but Red Anarchy was ultimately victorious.  In the process, Null was knocked out and severely wounded.  Breaker and Skip also sustained injuries but managed to stay conscious.  Towards the end of the battle and in the aftermath, Rekon had discovered caged slave labor (20 various aliens being used as miners), 2 mysterious crystals in a special cargo container, and large amounts of food, blaster rifles, blaster pistols, energy packs, and other minor supplies.  Boom managed to repair the AT-ST that he'd disabled earlier with one of his ion mines.  Boom and Rekon got the supply truck up and running again and the club stashed all the goods in a warehouse.  RA took some time to lick their wounds and find buyers for their goods from the operation.  Null is spending some quality time in a bacta tank to get back into fighting shape.



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